The visit track
Entrance Hall / ticket office will receive the visitors supplying informations about the visit track and the exposed rolling stock. A book-office will allow the sale of publications on railways, postcards, videos, gadgets. 
  • Room 1 - History of Railways in Puglia  - Panels showing old photos, antiquities, uniforms and models.
  • Room 2 - The railroad and its maintenance - Exposure of old machinery, tools of job, signals for works in progress, old service pedal quadricycle, on a true piece of track;  panels with wide photographic documentation and models.
  • Room 3 - Signaling and Central Command - Exposure of signals of many type, from the first '800th until to actual ones; old electrical apparatus centers with traffic control post (ACE); working signals for simulations, model reproductions.
  • Room 4 - Zollino Chief Room - ACE apparatus of Zollino's Station.
  • Room 5 - Railway Model - Reproduction in scale 1:87 of really existing situations in Puglia through great layouts and dioramas; demonstrating plants; display windows with models of trains
  • Room 6/7/8 - Lift Service of Lecce - Space dedicated to the history of the old workshops that accommodate the Museum currently. Several equipments, coming from former workshops FS and FSE, are exposed, used for the maintenance of the railway rolling stock, together to age photo, furnish and manifest.
  • Room 9/10 - Library and documentation center, didactic room - Library with railway history books, technical handbooks on rolling stock and the railway exercise, original or reproduced documents, monographyc textbooks on main Italian State Railroads cars; complete vintage years of the main reviews of the field; videoteque on the Italian railroads and of other countries. Near to the library there will be a didactic room available for encounter, course, projections.
  • 11/12 - Exhibition cars - Inside of two old “Centoporte” cars, places have been created for the setup of temporary thematic exhibitions.

The suggested track of visit of the rolling stock collection follows a “logical-chronological” order, starting from the ancient steam locomotives and the other most recent means of traction, either for line service or shunting, then following with the wagons and the cars, either FS and FSE, passing at last to means exposed on the external large square. Many means will be equipped of ladders for a comfortable access onboard. Finally, visitors will enter in the inner rooms (in inverse numerical order), in order to make return to the Entrance Hall.

The setting up of the rooms and the layout of the rolling stock continues to evolve, following the acquisition of new memorabilia and new vehicles or the creation of new thematic sections. At the time of the visit an updated plant of the Museum is provided and an illustrated brochure (also in English) is available.