The former Lift Workshops FS of Lecce

The sheds that accommodate the historical rolling stocks are former workshops of Italian State Railroads called Lift Service. They have been in use until to the February of 1992, when the plant has been transferred in the new ones manufactured of Surbo Scalo.
In this workshop the maintenance of all cars was made (passenger cars and wagons for goods). Its name arises from the "lifting" of rolling stocks for the jobs of maintenance to the undercarriages and to the wheels and in order to carry out the necessary jobs of body.

A first shed for the maintenance of the rolling stocks turns out to exist already from the inauguration of the station of Lecce (15 January 1866), yet in another place.
The actual structure is constituted from two sheds, with five tracks, and from contiguous pertaining rooms. The first shed and the pertaining rooms, in masonry, have been built in 1932; the second shed, realized with metallic structures, has been put in function in first years' 70. The two sheds can accommodate twenty or so rolling stocks, while the contiguous pertaining rooms are useful for the exposure of cimeli, equipment of signaling and model railway layouts.

The museum constitutes another qualifying item of a city area marked by the presence of
important enviromental (Hollow of Marcovito) and architectonic (Ninfeo of the Fairies) emergencies. In the course of the last years this area has been object of numerous plans of requalification, but currently it turns out to be strongly degraded. The same area moreover is interested from the so-called “upset of the Railway Station”, i.e. the opening of an access on the South side.